Rigged markets and the darknet

So Michael Lewis says that the markets are rigged :



Now consider this about the dark net and realise that people with power and money can run secret systems that could manipulate markets, so that in the “open” world trades can be made for immediate profit all the time.



I’m just saying, it’s possible and if I can think of it, I’m sure someone has already thought of it.


Spelling words and casting spells

Has anyone else noticed that a person’s use of language can not only effect those around them, but can relatively change their own world because of it, just like magic.

I think it’s no mistake that the terms for “spell” words and “cast a spell” are exactly the same word, because in literal reality they are the same thing.

Everyday it is your use of words that changes your social interaction and with it your mood, or the mood of the people around you.

The way I am imagining it is that two cultures watched each other one time in history, one with a developed use of language (we will call the Atols) and one not so much (we will call the Bebe’s).

The Bebe’s were one day sitting in a field and they witnessed the two Atols  meet each other. One Atol says to the other “Fu fu abera-cadabera” and the other Atol looks sad and holds their stomach.

One Bebe says to the other, that the first Atol was a magician and had just cast a sickness spell on the other Atol, making them sad and in pain with their stomach.

This of course is complete speculation, but let us think for one minute that Atol one said to Atol two “you look sick fatty, with a gut like that you’ll give yourself a heart attack”.

Now all of these words I was able to SPELL in a way that you can understand, now you understand what it was that I could spell, you can feel the pain of the second Atol (can you not?)

So be careful of your choice of words, everyday we cast spells on each other that can be hurtful or helpful and be sure that if you cast hurtful spells, that others will cast hurtful spells on you.


Osama a year to the day

A year to the day that Osama Bin Laden was allegedly captured, killed and buried at sea, all in one wild night, a new picture emerges from the control center of the operation:

Laurent Koscielny (the story so far)

Laurent Koscielny is a player for the Premier League football team Arsenal.

His career at the time of writing (Jan 15 ’13) looks like this  :

Years Team Apps (Gls)
2004–2007 Guingamp 41 (0)
2007–2009 Tours 67 (6)
2009–2010 Lorient 35 (3)
2010– Arsenal 75 (5)

Wikipedia say about his early career :

Early career

Koscielny was born in Tulle, Corrèze. Had Polish Parents who moved to France. His career began in 2004 with Guingamp, a team that have produced such talents as Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda. Three years and barely forty appearances later, Koscielny was forced to take stock and drop down to the French third tier.

Yes he was not good enough and moved elsewhere, so I guess he wasn’t a Drogba or Malouda!

The Frenchman made forty-six appearances for Guingamp, between 2004 and 2007, mostly as a right fullback.

A right fulback !  On closer inspection, Guingamp were relegated from Ligue 1 in the 2004 season and played Ligue 2, until their relegation to Ligue 3 in 2010 (I’ll give him his dues, he had left by then).

In 2007, Koscielny joined Tours FC. Koscielny decided that he wanted a chance at centre back. Koscienly showed remarkable improvement in aerial ability and a positional awareness that allowed the defender to limit himself to just three yellow cards.

Yes, “just 3 yellow cards”, this is the best thing that whoever write Koscielny’s profile on Wikipedia could come up with. What an amazing achievement! I’d love to know what he was getting before!

That season, FC Tours record was this :


Koscielny “marshaled” a defense that conceded 41 goals in 38 games of the French second division.

During the 2008–09 season, Koscielny made 34 appearances, scoring 5 goals from defence. He was named in the best XI for Ligue 2 after the 2008–09 season. Koscielny moved to Lorient FC to play in Ligue 1 for 1.7million euros.

FC Lorient were in their first full season of League 1 (newly promoted from Div2) and it was  the first season for Koscielny who had just been bought by Lorient from Liegue 2 side Tours FC (where he “marshaled a defence that conceded more than a goal a game) on a 4 year deal for 1.7million euros.

For Arsenal to buy Koscielny, Arsenal would have had to buy him out of the remaining 3 years of his contract. In the big scheme of Premier League Football, maybe, not a lot of money, but still pure profit for FC Lorient.

In his first full season at FC Lorient, he scored 3 goals in 35 matches. The team record was this :

7 Lorient 38 16 10 12 54 42 +12 58

Koscielny “marshaled” a defense that conceded 42 goals in 38 games.

Koscielny was then signed by Arsenal to solve (at the time and still on going) the “center back problem” the need for someone that really knew what they were doing.

FC Lorient’s 1.7 million euro center back, 1 year into his 3 year contract, after conceding 42 goals in the 38 games, was about to be snapped up by Arsenal for a bargin 8.45 million pounds sterling or €10,154,787 Euro’s

…….. to be continued

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The fly seemed to go!

There was a large cow sitting in a field, around him was plenty of his own shit, the smell of fresh country air was all around.

As he basked in the sun and felt the cool breeze on his face, he heard a fly getting closer and closer.

It flew so close to his ear that  he could visualize the flies tiny wings beating together at a break neck speed. It rattled him and imagining all that speed with all that noise, made his heart beat faster, and got him rattled and riled up.

He shook his head in disapproval and did his best at butting the fly away with his head.

The fly seemed to go.

Just a s the cow started to settle down again to his spot in the Sun and focus his dreaming, back came the fly.

Again, the noise started faint, but this time recognising the noise it was clearer than before, familiar and enough even with it’s distance to remind the cow of being rattled and rile as he was the last time.

He felt the fly land on his big, fat, cow arse and with one quick swipe of his tail, swatted the fly dead.

Without the noise of the of the fly bothering him, the cow was happy to relax again, however, there would be another along soon.


How many flies need to be swatted before you actually deal with the real sh*t!

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