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    Proactively foster superior growth strategies and adaptive users. Conveniently deploy timely strategic theme areas vis-a-vis B2B scenarios. Progressively cultivate...

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    Compellingly drive goal-oriented initiatives without high-payoff internal or “organic” sources. Objectively provide access to cooperative human capital after highly...

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    Rigged markets and the darknet

    So Michael Lewis says that the markets are rigged : httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BweADB78tBY   Now consider this about the dark net...

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    Spelling words and casting spells

    Has anyone else noticed that a person’s use of language can not only effect those around them, but can...

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    When “I” rule the world

    We start by watching these children making a time capsule, an easy and  fun project that anyone can do....

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    Osama a year to the day

    A year to the day that Osama Bin Laden was allegedly captured, killed and buried at sea, all in...

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    Laurent Koscielny (the story so far)

    Laurent Koscielny is a player for the Premier League football team Arsenal. His career at the time of writing (Jan...

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    Felis id semper semper ante nunc commodo metus

    Sed iaculis facilisis justo ultricies consectetur. Suspendisse tincidunt, dolor id tincidunt varius, magna dolor pulvinar lacus, lobortis facilisis tortor...

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    The fly seemed to go!

    There was a large cow sitting in a field, around him was plenty of his own shit, the smell...

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    Aenean sit amet leo in nisi lobortis

    Proin enim felis, auctor nec venenatis quis, bibendum iaculis enim. Aenean sit amet leo in nisi lobortis accumsan nec...