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Rigged markets and the darknet

April 19, 2014 0

So Michael Lewis says that the markets are rigged : httpv://   Now consider this about the dark net and realise that people with power […]


Osama a year to the day

February 2, 2014 0

A year to the day that Osama Bin Laden was allegedly captured, killed and buried at sea, all in one wild night, a new picture […]


The fly seemed to go!

January 4, 2013 0

There was a large cow sitting in a field, around him was plenty of his own shit, the smell of fresh country air was all […]


In hac habitasse platea dictumst

December 6, 2012 17

Maecenas id semper sem. Donec est nunc, ultricies et ornare et, gravida quis erat. Duis erat orci, porttitor vitae tristique et, faucibus a sem. Nulla […]